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Find best Gold Loan Offers in this Festive Season

With all the festivals around the corner, people generally prefer to buy gold as an asset.

This festive season there are so many offers and loans available including the best offers for gold from various banks and non-banking companies.

There are already so many banks and companies which have given the best offers and best interest rates so that people don’t miss the opportunity.

It is the banks which provide best loans.

There are some non-banking financial companies like Muthoo finance and one or two other which usually is in the front and provide best offers for consumers.

The interest rate depends upon the bank or the company.

The cheapest offer available to the people are from state own lender and Sindh bank gold loans.

After that comes the BankBazaar which comes with 7.35 per cent interest rate per annum.

Next on the list is a little shocking as it is one of the biggest banks of India- the state bank of India with the interest rate of 7.50 per cent.

then in the top 10 banks are Karnataka bank, federal bank usually after the top 3 banks the rate does not vary that much.

then it is upon the consumers who prefer what bank and its facilities.

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