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FICCI Precident Sangita Reddy – Indian Economy will be Stronger

Sangita Reddy, The Ficci President told that because of covid there was a whole economy crisis but now India will come stronger and the economy will get back to where it was.

She also said that now it is high time to take actions which will help improve the economy.

Reddy said.

” The economic crisis was because the lockdown happened because the more important issues were human lives and not economy at that point of time.”

She also said that all the precautions were taken and medical infrastructure was created.

Supplies like PPEs were grown and our death rate was not much of a trouble.

She also said:

That there was improvement in some sectors and positive growth in exports most importantly increase in the September GST collections to almost pre-COVID-19 level.

There are many chances of growth for India’s economy.

As the government has introduced major infrastructure development plans in place, large consumer market.

Ficci president said:

That compared to other countries the death ratio and recovery is very nice and now the daily cases are below 50,000.

It can be said that covid will not be a tension after a few months.

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