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Festive Season Offers – Banking Products like Loans & EMIs are up for Grab

Festive season is almost here and there are so many offers on loans because banks want to attract customers with their breathtaking deals.

People especially in Diwali do a lot of shopping and some people who can’t afford a certain product buy it with schemes like no-cost EMI and many others.

In this particular year when most of the people are facing difficulties related to money also wants to buy several things for this festive season.

They also take personal loans from the bank and then buy a certain product which they wanted to buy.

But personal loans should not be the best option for choosing in cases like these.

This should be the last option for everybody if nothing falls in place.

Eight out of top ten banks offering lowest interest rates on personal loans happen to be state-owned banks.

This clearly shows that public sector banks have more soft corner rather than private.

The bank which offers the cheapest loans is union bank and then following by Punjab national bank.

Data is been considered for all the interest rates on personal loans for all the public and private sectors.

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