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Experts Opinion on Current Market Situation – A Report

The Indian market is seeing an up and down journey this year and right now at this point of time because of the external factors like rising COVID-19 cases globally, US elections and the ongoing September quarter earnings season.

But because of the festive season the economy is showing some kind of progress and because of that people are a little bit relief.

Let’s see what the top analysts  have to say:

Andrew Holland: He said that the second wave of COVID-19 could lead to more trouble for the country as economic conditions are very bad.

The only way the economy can improve is some of the particular sectors have to perform surprisingly well.

Kevin C Smith: He said this problem will not be solved so fast as it will take time to get back to normal economic conditions.

Global debt problem is not only in the US but everywhere around the world.

Gautam Shah: There are too many things happening like  US-specific Presidential elections or the COVID surge in the West, the rise in VIX.

Because of all the direct burden is coming on the economy which is not benefiting at all for the world.

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