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Emerging role of Godrej Appliances for vaccine storage

Godrej Appliances has played a pivotal role in the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination drive in India through its Made in India, medical refrigeration solutions.

The purpose is to safeguard the sensitive vaccines at the right temperature.

Besides rendering other facilities; Godrej Appliances, the business unit of Godrej & Boyce, has now added ultra-low temperature freezers to its portfolio.

These advanced medical freezers cater to vaccine cold chain storage facilities and can preserve life-saving medical supplies.

This includes critical vaccines below -80°C which are aimed at boosting both Indian and global medical cold chain.

Godrej Appliances has ice-lined medical refrigerators, chest freezers and now ultra-low temperature refrigerators available for storage of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The medical refrigerators used for storing vaccine help keep the vials (small glass container holding vaccine doses) at an optimum temperature so that it is effective for disease control.

In areas where there is regular fluctuation in electricity, solar power is used by the Godrej Appliances’ products.

In the near future, Godrej Appliances is also planning to play a part in mobile clinics by setting up their cooling devices on mobile medical clinics on the Indian roads.

Here, the cooling devices are used to stores medicines and other essential medical supplies.

Godrej Appliances is currently deploying vaccine refrigerators that maintain a precise temperature of 2 to 8°C to store the highly temperature-sensitive Covaxin and CovidShield vaccines.

Once the general public is also part of the vaccination process (after frontline healthcare workers), there will a further ramp-up in demand.

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