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Economy getting back to Normal – PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the last interview that covid infections are increasing but the economy is no longer in the danger.

This is because of some sectors which were of major help to get back the economy to normal.

There were five sectors which supported and they were consumption, financial, chemicals, rural, automobile, and IT (Information Technology).

Agriculture sector was the main sector which showed signs of great positive strength and profit.

The market from march is already down from 50 per cent and in the future for good 2-3 months it will be like this.

But there is a hope that some sectors do good in next 2-3 years.

IT, digital, pharmaceuticals, consumer staples, rural, chemicals, and automobiles, these are sectors which have performed really well and will continue to do so.

if these sectors perform like this only then the economy can be more normal and the situation will be a little bit easy.

The success of the recent IPOs have boosted the overall confidence in the market.

The main recovery can only happen when covid cases go down otherwise this is a temporary solution.

With some additional fiscal support we can gain the lost economy.

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