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Economist Jean Dreze advocates launch of urban employment guarantee scheme

At the International Conference on Gender Equality, noted development economist Dr Jean Dreze has strongly advocated an urban employment guarantee scheme.

This is to address the twin problems of poverty, particularly during exigencies like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and gender inequality through government programmes and policies.

The scheme, which he called as Decentralized Urban Employment and Training (DUET), could be utilized for keeping public places like educational institutions, hospitals clean.

Dr Dreze explained that the scheme would ensure issue of job stamps to the employers instead of providing funds in cash in order to eliminate corruption in the form of ghost employees.

Further, at least one third of such jobs under DUET could be offered to women.

He emphasized that such employment be offered only to those enrolled with workers’ cooperatives to be launched under the scheme.

Moreover, he appealed to the Kerala government to try out the suggestion through a pilot project before scaling it up.

The aim is to facilitate women to come out of their stereotype roles assigned to them and “discover new space” in automobile engineering and other technical areas.

The IT department has played a pivotal role in promoting women to become entrepreneurs.

According to Pradhan, a transgender officer, a change in the social mindset was crucial for ensuring gender parity through implementation of laws and government’s policies.

It is imperative to educate and sensitise every single service provider on the importance of gender equity.

The conference however commenced on Thursday at the Gender Park Campus in Kozhikode, abiding by the COVID-19 safety protocol.

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