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Economic Recovery 2021- Reality Check and Need for Assurance

However, the last year has taught a big lesson shaking the whole world, but there is an expectation of betterment in the FY21.

The FY21 is being generalized as the signal of positive recovery of the economy. There are many factors concluding this statement like the fresh US stimulus, mobility indicators, decline in infection rates etc.

Many things have come up with a positive change, such as the COVID vaccination drive along with steady turnaround of most economic sectors.

However, further key indicators are still half-truths due to crisis and other mediations. Many factors like the bond yields, shall be kept in view before making any negative or positive statement.

The stress in the financial sectors has drastically increased due to which it is not easy to see the real change in the economy.

There are many uncertainties in the private sector regarding the price mechanism, hence, it is hard to see or dream about any positive results.

Despite all the uneven pictures, there is a lesser contraction in India’s GDP at -7.7 %. This is a very less value and is indicating towards a good recovery towards the second quarter of FY21.

It is still in the thought process of ifs and buts, that maybe very less services were affected due to the pandemic.

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