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DRDO on India becoming the largest exporter of weapons

India is envisaged to become self-reliant only if all state-of-the-art defence equipment and systems are designed, developed and produced in the country as per DRDO Chairman.

He further emphasized on the importance of students devoting their energy and time in learning advanced and next-generation technology.

Artificial intelligence and cyber security were the highlight of the tech discussion in terms of their power to change the future of the country’s economy.

In order to implement idea of an “Atmanirbhar Bharat” in the defence sector, India must turn from being one of the largest importers of weapons in the world to the largest exporter.

The Prime Minister had given very specific instructions to make all the required changes in order to indigenise weapons, adding that the DRDO had started several initiatives.

This is to draw more people into defence, including inculcation of relevant courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Between 5,000-10,000 students are doing projects with the DRDO and many schemes are being brought to provide paid apprenticeships for the students.

The Ministry of Defence has announced a list of 101 items that will not be imported from outside at all and will be made, designed, developed and produced in the country.

Moreover, a new scheme called the technology development fund had been established for the indigenisation of imported systems.

For the country to be prosperous, industries must not only supply armed forces but export to other countries in large number.

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