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Dr Reddy’s Labs forced to Close Plants – Shares may Fall big Time

On October 22 the lab of Dr. reddy’s stock price was decreased by 1 percent because of that the lab has to be shut for a certain period of time and all the production will be closed in the pharma company and will resume after couple of weeks.

The thing which is a little shocking is it happened when the lab got the approvals to conduct trails for covid vaccine for phase 2 and phase 3. Everything happened today early in the morning.

The company is seeing the whole matter and is checking all the networks to find out what is the matter and what exactly happened to the lab.

Mukesh rathi said “because of this attack they have fully isolated the lab for good twenty four hours everything will be closed and will resume after everything will be normal.”

Dr. reddy has many manufacturing units in india and in foreign as well and approximately six research and developments in india and outside india.

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