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Warning – Do’s and Don’ts as an SBI Customer

State Bank of India has issued a list of mistakes to avoid lest one runs the risk of having their bank account emptied.

In the background of  increasing fraud incidents and the upcoming festive season, SBI has issued a warning, telling its customers what to do and not to do when it comes to their bank accounts.

Here are five mistakes to avoid–

OTP, CVV, UPI PIN should not be shared

SBI has warned that OTP, UPI PIN and CVV should not be shared with strangers. Usually most frauds happen via phone call by asking people their PINs, asking to change the password or by asking for the CVV number during a transaction.

Avoid saving the details of your bank account on your phone

The risk of these sensitive details being handed out to the wrong person runs high when they are easily accessible.

Therefore, it is advised to either protect them via a password that only you know or store these details somewhere else entirely.

ATM card details should not be shared

It is now common knowledge that ATM card details are to be kept private. If they come in the wrong hands, one runs the risk of losing their life savings.

Do not do online transactions on a public internet/devices

Online transactions should be avoided while one is on a public device or using a public internet. Your details can be leaked through them.

Lastly, one should always keep in mind that a bank never asks for details like CVV, UPI PIN, ATM Card details, etc.

Therefore, if a stranger asks for these details, one should stay on guard and not divulge them at any cost.

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