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Rise in Startups – Digital Healthcare is booking more Revenues in Covid

In the last quarter there is a good rise shown by the healthcare startups and the time of corona this is a good and positive sign.

Quarter-to-quarter there is a rise in revenue of 18 per cent in the healthcare department.

Digital healthcare revenues have increased more than 73 per cent from the previous quarter.

This increase is also a reason of big deals, more contacts, money-minded thinking.

Medical devices, women health and mental health are the sectors which are all soared and telehealth grew the fastest among all of them.

China deals also rose in the last quarter.

While the US also increased but in India, deals were not that much in the past quarter.

The things are right now in trend are the online pharmacies and everyone’s favourite and easy to use as well.

Deals in research and development and pure-tech drug discovery etc in India are not at all common.

In India there are so many startups related to healthcare and everyone is trying to achieve its best and everyone is getting funded by the government.

In the time of covid, there is a great opportunity for the people to enhance their business which are related to health care.

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