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Delhi-Dehradun Expressway to be the first highway with wildlife protection corridor

Latest reports have confirmed that Delhi-Dehradun expressway project work will be starting soon.

To ensure protection of wildlife, Delhi-Dehradun Expressway will be the country’s first such highway with a 12 km long elevated corridor.

For the purpose of magnifying the road user experience, wayside amenities have been reportedly provisioned every 25 to 30 km.

Moreover, the Delhi-Saharanpur-Dehradun Economic corridor has been developed to foster the country’s economy of the region which is served by the highway.

It is to be noted that the entire length from Akshardham to Dehradun will be divided into four different sections for the project’s execution.

Firstly, section 1 of this expressway project is being implemented according to six lanes with 6L service road which are in built up reach, with full access control.

This has been segregated into two packages, where package 1 falls in Delhi portion in 14.75 km and out of this, 6.4 km portion has been elevated.

Similarly, package 2 which falls in Uttar Pradesh in 16.85 km has elevated a portion up to 11.2 km.

Also, section 2 of this project has been planned in accordance with six lanes with the entire length in Greenfield, passing via Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Baghpat and Saharanpur districts.

Going forward, Section 3 of this project has the starting point from Saharanpur bypass with an ending point at Ganeshpur.

Lastly, Section 4 of this project is planned keeping in mind the six lanes with full access controlled.

However, this primarily passes through Reserve Forest in UP and Uttarakhand.

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