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In march Narendra Modi decided to put a 21-day lockdown and after then there is no stopping.

There are still lockdowns and people are restricted to go in some places.

And before COVID everything was no normal and people did not even think something like this is going to take place.

Today is the 218th day of the lockdown and this lockdown was implemented with a sole purpose of removing the covid from the country.

The last 7-8 months have been the worst for the entire country and everybody is still trying to manage things in a certain way.

As of today, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India are 79,46,429.

In the past few weeks, the numbers of deaths are also increasing at an alarming rate and which stands at a total of 1,19,502 deaths in India.

India has a huge population and to fight with such kind of virus takes a lot of time.

There are some areas which are badly affected like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, etc.

Infections are rising up very badly but the only good things recovery rate is also increasing day by day.

Recovery rate of India stands at 90 per cent which is a sign of for Indians.

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