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Covid Daily Updates – Are we winning the battle?

As India is dealing with this pandemic today is the 219th day of the lockdown which happened in March.

End of the march the lockdown happened and after then there is no stopping in the cases also as well the lockdown.

Prime minister has done its best to improve the condition of India and to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The confirmed cases in India stands at 79,90,332 and death are increasing at an alarming rate and now the total deaths are 1,20,010.

The recovery rate in India is the only positive thing in the country right now as the recovery rate in India stands at 90 per cent.

Recovery rate increasing on a daily basis which is one hope that we could the coronavirus pandemic.

The total number of people who have been recovered from this are 72,59,509.

Maharashtra is still one of the worst affected states in the country following by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The covid infections are increasing in the states very much.

Mostly the states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

The government is trying the best to stop the virus be it lockdowns and unlock.

There were four unlocks so far and the 5th one is yet to come.

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