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COVID 19 – Will leave 150 to 175 million more people below Poverty Line

As the days are passing there is a high chance that the problems will increase more because of this pandemic.

There is an estimation that when the virus will be over from our lives the number of poor people will be more and the world be in a very bad shape.

An expert in the UN said ” Between 150 million and 175 million more people will fall into extreme poverty due to the COVID-19 pandemic”.

There are already so many problems which comes handy with the virus and if this happens then this is very disturbing.

De Schutter said ” mostly the people who fall in the zone of extreme poverty is the labourers, workers and all the people who work on the basis on daily wage.”

The most concerning of them is that what will happen to the farmers, labourers, herders, etc.

Already these people are suffering so much and in the near future will suffer more.

More risk for these people are because they cant have full access to all the precautions, proper medical facilities, proper health care.

The risk increases for them and if the poverty increases the gap will increase more between rich and poor which will be very bad for the entire country.

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