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COVID-19 is affecting Poor Families in many ways – A Report

Lockdown is been there for months now and because of this, the children have their classes online because of which many families have more financial problems.

Let’s see one example:

Moumita Sarkar, who lives in West Bengal and she has a tailoring shop there.

She said that their expense has been increased so much in this lockdown.

All the businesses are being affected because of covid and her husband works as a construction worker.

She made so many sacrifices so that she could but a phone for her daughter for the online classes.

Not only that another main concern is the internet services there is extra money required.

Now the lockdown has extended till November and they can’t afford expensive gadgets and laptops.

WhatsApp was used as the most common medium to send learning material and weekly activity plans found out by The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2020.

Middle- and lower-income groups have been affected so badly because of the schools staying shut.

There should be some solutions because covid is not going anytime soon from India.

Solutions like A community pooling of resources at the village/Panchayat level to ensure easier access to online lessons.

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