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Cotton of India – Demand is rising in Indian Cotton Industry

September to October is the season of cotton in India.

India offers cotton at low price in the international market which has led to a great demand overall.

Approximately 170kg of the cotton has been exported from the start of the cotton season.

The main problem which the people are facing transferring the cotton outside is the lack of containers for exporting.

There will be more demand but the only problems are lack of containers and because of that many shipments are pending which is making the process slower.

Many products are getting more priority like castor oil so that is why the containers are going there first.

Because in China there has been a great demand of castor and groundnut oil so that is the main priority for India now.

The exports from Gujarat posts are very affordable so that is the most suitable place.

There are many countries who want to but cotton from India like China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc.

The biggest advantage for India is that cotton of India also enjoys the advantage of freight being nearer to the port of delivery.

There is going to be a meeting where all the traders, farmers, exporters will meet to see the estimates.

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