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Companies to hire more local youth from manufacturing hubs, contribute to Vocal for Local

After the proposal of the government of Haryana to preserve 75% jobs for locals, the companies are now demanding more to hire local youth from manufacturing hubs in other states.

During 2020 Prime Minister coined the phrase ‘vocal for local’ amid lockdown to emphasize the importance of local manufacturing and supply chains.

The focus of the address was to encourage the nation to empower the local business and products.

Ashna Amin, a recruitment consultant from Gujarat said that the idea of hiring locals not only is beneficial in promoting local jobs but also reduces the cost of accommodation and relocation on the people from a different region.

It also improves access to raw material supply and transport.

The aftermath of Corona virus pandemic prompted the government of various states such as Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka to hire more local workers everywhere required.

This also brings the benefit to the states as it would give rise to manufacturing activities and therefore setting up more factories in the region. Hence it will escalate employment opportunities.

Though the local candidates may be confined to do semi-skilled activities the companies may have to forward the contract to the skilled candidates belonging from the urban areas.

Until now the government has not defined the policy to hire a fixed percentage of locals in each state.

The government of Andhra Pradesh did pass a law in 2019 which exists only on the paper indicating the reservation of 75% jobs for locals.

There are many advantages such as the number of leaves taken by local workforce during the festive season is patently less than the worker from a different region.

It will reduce the migration of people to different regions in search of work thereby increasing the efficiency of the home state.

It will encourage the states to promote the traditional products by using the existing workforce present in the region.

Lastly, it can be concluded that shift towards hiring the locals work to contribute to the overall development of the nation and its economy.

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