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Chinese Apps are Banned but Why not Chinese Products? – A Report

In 2020 mostly all the Chinese apps got banned then why not the Chinese products? here is the answer

Because it is very affordable and most people can buy it without hesitation and another reason they are more technology-friendly.

The big billion sale which is going on Amazon and Flipkart many Chinese products are being sold and not only that they are one of the highest preferences for consumers.

Example like in Amazon the gadgets like one plus, Xiaomi are selling

And in Flipkart Realme x2 has a good growth this year.

Not only this but there were many products which showed China as the origin.

Harish Bijoor, brand consultant and founder of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. said

“People don’t show sentiments and whatever is affordable people will buy that irrespective of whether it is Chinese or not.”

The shocking part is Amazon and Flipkart is already in the notice of the government as they display some of the products without showing the origin of the country.

Satish Meena, Senior Forecast Analyst of research and consultancy firm Forrester said

” There are so many good brands which can compete with Chinese products but still people will not buy because of the affordable prices.”

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