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China & India to be on different recovery path as per oil imports

Both the Asian powerhouses India and China fairly came over the Covid-19 impact. Where China started recovering from April last year, India was stuck in the mud until December 2020.

Both the statements are made after the conclusion made on respective demand on crude oil.

Coming to the stats, China has imported above-average crude volumes for eight out of ten last months.

The data is curated from April 2020 till January 2021 and it also comprises of three months where the January imports were expected at over 11 million bpd.

Moreover, the Refinitiv Oil Research have showed these numbers. This number excludes the fact that over 22 million people were under lockdown in two cities of China.

On the other hand, the crude oil demand from India has only recovered at above-average levels.

It has reached at 4.68 million bpd as per December 2020.

However, this value is very lower as compared with China but it has recovered from July’s all-time low.

India’s crude oil demand was low at 3.42 million bpd for the month of July 2020. And it was also hovering at below-average volumes from May to October 2020.

Concluding all the reports, both the countries are still progressing to recover from this brutal virus. But, if we compare both the nations, China is recovering its economy at a faster rate.

On the other hand, India has long way to struggle because of its vast population supported by politics.

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