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Central Banks fighting the Battle – US Elections

Everyone wants one result that is when will the US elections result will be declared because after that many things will be affected.

Commodities also is try to maintain a balance but everybody wants to know the results now.

In the coming days, many policies will be changes.

Divided Congress can make thing tough in relation to approve a major stimulus.

Apart from the elections commodities are also tensed because of the increase in cases.

The cases are raising so rapidly which will force the government to make strict restrictions again and because of that economy will more affected.

Mixed economic data from major economies also highlights the uneven economic recovery.

Central banks have made a step towards the economy in a positive way.

US Federal Reserve kept interest rate as it is in relation with expectations but maintained that it will take all possible measures to support the economy.

With increasing challenges in the form of virus cases.

Especially in Europe and some parts of the US, central banks have recommitted to keep measures in place.

Central bank may not take fresh measures unless there is more clarity in the fresh stimulus package.

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