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Cement Industry is one of the most Emerging Sectors in India

From few days the economy is stable which is good news for the country.

Cement industry is on a roll as it is one of the most emerging sectors post lockdown and both the investor and the producers are shocked after the September quarter results.

The numbers of October were much better than September anyways and the company reported double-digit growth in October.

The urban centres were the most profitable in October.

There was greater traction from infrastructure, real estate, industrial projects.

The government was trying to save the supplies in the lockdown.

With migrant workers returning home there was easy availability of labour.

Now the question is till how long this growth will be going?

Cement is anyways very difficult to store so that is not the option anybody can do and added cost will be handling and maintaining them.

Companies have resumed greenfield and expansion projects that were on hold.

The other projects are also starting up.

There has been an increase in hospital beds for testing.

With the rise in the number of infections, the recovery rate has also gone up.

It is unlikely that India will go into another phase of lockdown as some European countries.

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