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Can I apply for Jobs in Rival Companies during Covid-19

If an individual applies for the job in the rival company then it is considered not to be good.

Talking to the people who are close to you in the office for changing the job is also not healthy.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and uncertainty around jobs amidst the lockdown has brought about changes in this behavior which was needed.

Because of lockdown, everything is bring ignored because there are problems finding jobs now.

Vice president heading human resources at a financial services firm said:

We cannot do anything if the employee wishes to look somewhere else.

The open advertisements posted on social media are basically for entry to mid-level roles.

These range from manager, sales executive to administrative officer.

There are some sectors like sales, branch operations and administration where there is more problem.

In these sectors, the employees are getting advance notice to find another job.

The results says that the unemployment rate in India is increased by 7 per cent as of October 2020.

And above that, hiring consultants expect that close to a million jobs across companies at risk.

So if someone if feeling that their job is slipping away you should go for another one.

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