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Budget 2021 on the way of $5 trillion economy – Read more

The Union Budget of India got released yesterday with a thumbs up of many sectors. The market was very enthusiastic yesterday since the morning the Sensex traded in green.

A quick recap, a lot of expectations were on the way and the budget has surely stood up to many expectations.

There were a lot of apprehensions as India has already incurred a lot of loss in the pre – budget session.

An increased cut in the expenditure along with increased taxes was expected which did not happen.

Union Budget proved that India did not lose anything in terms of finance and as well as reforms. It came up with a strong commitment of achieving the goal of $5 trillion economy.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the budget is based on six strong pillars. This time the budget was kept in view with various sectors.

Health, Physical & finance capital along with infrastructure and maximum governance were some of the points.

A lot of good things are coming out since the release of Union Budget. There are a lot of things were not kept in focus since so many years which are coming out in the highlight.

There will be more focus on the Innovation and R&D sector alike other developed countries like South Korea, America etc.

Reviving human capital along with inclusive development is the new motto of the budget from this year.

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