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Brands are behind Influencers for Promotion this Festive Season

During this festive season every brands favorite right now are the influencers, they will promote their products so the sale could be more.

Around the festive season, the growth rate of influencers and as the result there is more profit of 30-40 per cent.

There is a period from august where all the festivals began to start like Durga Pooja, Diwali, etc.

Last year, brands had spent slightly above Rs 400 crore during the festive season on influencer marketing. This is expected to cross Rs 550 crore this year.

Let’s see some of the examples:

1.  Kritika Khurana, who has a million followers on her Instagram account, thatbohogirl was seeing promoting Myntra.

2. Sakshi Sindhwani, who on her Instagram account was seeing promoting for a brand called Alaya by creating a short video on Instagram.

In the last festive period every brand was spending 7 lakhs but this time it is almost up to 15-20 lakhs.

The biggest shocker is not the big celebrities but the influencers are more in demand by these products.

Instagram is the most preferred platform as it is cost-effective.

YouTube is a long-form content, so it is slightly more on the expensive side.

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