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Boeing to fly 100 percent on biofuel by 2030 – A challenge of lifetime

The American aerospace company Boeing Co announced on Friday that they will be ready to deliver commercial airplanes flying on 100% biofuel by 2030.

Company highlighted the current norms of decaying environment due to the consumption of fossil fuels.

Boeing further added, this project will require advancement in jet systems increasing fuel blending requirements.

Also, the safety certifications by global regulators are the most important and mandatory requirements.

These all-important requirements are necessary and essential requirement on a broader view. Going forward in this way can may lead us to achieve cutting of carbon emission at least half by 2050.

The director of Sustainability Strategy although quoted that the challenge is going to be tremendous.

He further called it to be a lifetime challenge to successfully lead this innovation.

Moreover, on the basis of this Boeing Co’s initiative, it is easily concluded that the Aviation industry is actually committed to make its contribution towards reducing carbon footprint from the world.

Boeing launched world’s first commercial airplane flight using 100 percent biofuel on a FedEx Corp 777 freighter in 2018.

However, not only Boeing but also European rival Airbus SE worked on reduction of carbon emission. Actually, they both worked together in this mission by doing weight and drag reduction on new aircraft.

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