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Boeing penalised to pay $6.6 million over 787 repair bill : FAA

As per reports, US regulators have penalised Boeing to pay $6.6 million over quality and safety-oversight lapses going back years.

This includes $5.4 million for non compliance with the agreement to change its internal processes to improve and prioritize regulatory compliance.

It also comprises of an additional $1.21 million to settle two pending FAA enforcement cases.

Boeing’s non compliance led to flawed 787 Dreamliner jets making the cost of the federal penalty seem futile.

In 2015, the company paid $12 million as part of the settlement. It’s engineers are working relentlessly towards identifying and determining the scope of inspections.

The goal is to ensure the possibility of using jets without a threat to safety.

Boeing has however not revealed to the airlines the number of jets it has impacted.

However, it informed FAA about the flaw involving structural wrinkling in the interior fuselage skin back in August 2020.

The interior fuselage skin that has carbon-composite barrels form the plane’s lightweight body and are melded together.

Computerized safeguards that were not programmed to look for the gaps overlooked the defects for a long time.

Airlines have ordered 1,882 of advanced twin-aisle jet worth $150 billion at list prices making the fuel-efficient 787 highly successful.

The initial production process along with reclining global supply chain created problems over the years.

Moving further, being managed to fix the 787 production process as of February resulting in the wrinkling defect.

The deliveries will not recover to 2019 levels until at least 2024 according to analysts.

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