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Bharti Airtel Q3 profit jumps to Rs 853.6 crore – Read more

Bharti Airtel stock price has peaked up touching its 53-week high of Rs 623. The stock has nearly rose by 2 percent in the early morning session of February 4.

India’s second biggest telecom provider has just reported its consolidated net profit which is currently standing at Rs 853.6 crore.

The company has earned huge profits as per its Q3 reports driven by uncommon gains. Airtel reported its net loss at Rs 298 crore in its Q3 report announcement. This value is calculated excluding the exceptional items.

Earlier the company reported a loss of around Rs 763.2 crore in its September 2020 quarter. To be more precise, the company has previously reported huge losses in all four quarters.

The previous losses have occurred mainly because of the AGR provisions.

Looking more into this scenario, Airtel Bharti’s ARPU or the average revenue per user has also increased by 2.4 percent.

The ARPU of Airtel is currently standing at Rs 166 which is increased by Rs 4 from the earlier value. In the previous quarter it was at Rs 162.

Apart form this, the company’s revenue per tower per month also increased by 4.4 percent on a QoQ basis. It is currently standing at Rs 2,43,395.

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