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Benefits for Pregnant Women: A good step which was needed

Study by human resource firm TeamLease Services stated that there will be better job opportunities for women under the Maternity Benefits Act.

Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Act of 2017 said that the leaves are increased for women.

It increased from 12 weeks to 26 weeks.

According to a research which was done in 2018,

Out of the 10 departments, 7 departments showed a positive sign towards this and after that, not much has changed.

Women have some common reasons like Time spent on domestic duties, social stigma against women in employment and weird attitude towards them.

Because of these factors, women choose to stay away from workplaces and prefer to stay at home.

In case of white-collar employes there is an increase of 84-102 per cent in their salaries.

In case of blue-collar employees there is an increase of 118 per cent in their respective salaries.

The department of labour and employment is working on a scheme which is seven-week wages would be repaid to the employers who employ women workers.

But only to those employees who give a proper 26 weeks paid leave and give an estimate of 15,00 rupees.

It is a very good initiative which will enable more companies to hire and retain women employees.

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