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Bajaj Q3 Review – Profit may grow above 16% with ASP boosting Revenue

Bajaj Motors is expected to report profit increase of more than 16% on year-on-year basis. A 26% of volume increase is seen in the export of motorcycles for this quarter.

Also, the volumes have increased by a total 8% on the domestic segment. The domestic segment was earlier offset because of year-on-year volume decline in the three-wheeler volumes.

Overall, a total increase by 9% is seen in this quarter on a YoY basis.

Led by festive demand, the two and three-wheeler company is likely to register more than 16% growth. This growth is expected to be based on the company’s standalone profit, operating profit and revenue led by December 2020.

The average selling price or ASP have good chances to excel the topline. While profit is expected to be majorly supported by revenue and operating performance.

Chances are also there to see a 19 percent boost in the revenue led by 9 percent and 10 percent increase in volumes and ASPs respectively.

On the support of improved product mix, realization is also expected to improve by a total 8 percent increment.

The operating profit however, earlier, was expected to get adversely impacted due to high raw material costs. A better two-wheeler mix although was helpful in cost reduction.

However, due to the lower share of three-wheeler, the mix has turned somehow unfavorable.

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