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Amazon and Flipkart may be fined by Government

A senior government official said that companies like Amazon and Flipkart can be in trouble as they can be fined because they do not publish the origin Country on some products.

The official also said that if a seller is giving you the permission you just can’t break laws.

In such cases the company have to pay fine starting from the initial amount of 25000.

It can get extended for multiple offences.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs last month sent a notice to the respective companies regarding this matter.

The ministry said they need an explanation within 2 weeks and if there is no response then legal action could be taken place.

To that Flipkart did not report at all to the notice.

Amazon did by saying that they have already started delisting sellers who have failed to display the country of origin of their products.

Now currently the government is checking the responses before the next move.

The spokesperson of amazon stated that ” It is the company which provides third-party sellers to list and offer goods for sale to customers in India.

He also said that We display country of origin information for all products as provided to us by the sellers of such products.

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