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All you need to know about WPI Inflation – Markets

In October wholesale price rose with almost 1.48 per cent.

The WPI inflation was 1.32 per cent in September and zero per cent in October last year.

In February,

It was  2.26 percent and now in October was seen the highest.

While food article prices got a little bit on an affordable rate in October, manufactured items witnessed hardening of prices.

In October The rate of price rise in vegetables and potato remained high at 25.23 per cent and 107.70 per cent.

manufactured products category, inflation stood at 2.12 per cent in October, compared to 1.61 per cent in September.

Inflation in non-food articles and minerals was higher at 2.85 per cent and 9.11 per cent.

The reserve bank of India also said:

That the economy is also in a pressure which can be seen from the figures of last week.

There is a huge risk of everything right now seeing the situation of the country but something has to be done to sort this out.

The reserve bank of India also said that there is a grave risk of generalisation of price pressures, unanchoring of inflation expectations.

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