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All you need to know about Service Sector – A Report

On wednesday the experts said that the indian service sector had a good growth in October because of the restrictions also easing of covid-19.

India Services Business Activity was 54.1 in October and in September it was 49.8.

Below 50 means contraction and above 50 it means expansion.

Pollyanna De Lima said:

It is good that the sector is trying to get back to normal after the economic crisis faced by the country because of covid.

She further also added that in august there was a growth in manufacturing industry and after that the service sector is doing better.

The service sector has improved and grown a lot after the profit seen in October.

Services companies reported an increase in new work intakes.

The employment was less as there was a cash crunch and monthly the employment was declining.

Survey shows that workers on leave had not returned and that a widespread fear of COVID-19 contamination continued to restrict staff supply.

The survey also said that the only hope to get back all the workers in the vaccine for covid.

Companies in the manufacturing and service sectors showed a lower pace in the third quarter and that is why the private companies showed immense growth and profit.

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