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All you need to know about Dr Reddy’s Labs Q2 Report

On 29th October there was 1% rise in the Dr Reddy’s labs share price.

On 28th October the company noticed that there was almost 30 per cent year on year decline in the September quarter.

The companies profit was earlier 1,092.5 crores which decreased to 762 crores.

But the most shocking thing was after this much loss the there was 32 per cent increased sequentially on the basis of year to year.

The company said that the tax credit a year ago was more and now it 11.6 per cent in the present quarter.

It lowered because of the deferred tax assets for one of the subsidiaries.

The revenue in the quarter increased from 2 per cent.

Globally the market saw an increase of 21 per cent on the year on year basis in which North America was 28 per cent

The major increase was in Europe an increase of 36 percent.

In India the increase was 21 per cent in the September quarter.

Dr Reddy said that the growth which is happening globally is the result of new product launches.

And also one of the reason is maintaining and balancing everything from the core.

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