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All you need to know about Birla Corporation Share Price

On November 6th Birla corporation,

Share prices in the morning increased by almost 7 per cent in the September quarter results.

The company’s situation right now is in very good and there was a total profit of 87 perfect after deducting the tax.

The profit was approximately of 166 crores which is way way better from the last year as it was 86 crores.

A brokerage firm Emkay Global Financial Services has bought a rating on the share with a target of Rs 895 per share.

It also said that Birla corporation trading is lower than the average.

it should be which can be a reason to worry.

The firm said that valuation multiple for Birla Corp will re-rate gradually as the company continues with capacity expansion plans.

The stock is very good of the company.

And very importantly it should be maintained that way because obviously the situation of the country everybody knows.

Revenue of the company is also been increased by 1.7 per cent.

And there are some better changes in the company as earnings point of view from the last year.

There was an increase of 41 per cent after the five-day average.

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