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4 years of Demonetisation – Question raised by Congress People

November 8 2016 was the day when demonetisation happened. it is almost gonna be four years now.

The congress wished to the government as it will be the 4th anniversary on 8th November that

Government should bring something called white paper which will tell the benefits or the advantages of the demonetization which happened a while ago.

Many congress people and also the congress spokesperson Gourav Vallabh have one question in mind that why government is hiding the list.

Exactly the list of the people who are involved in the illegal activities, the scams and the list of defaulters.

He also said that when we will celebrate the 4th anniversary we have that government brings the white paper stating the benefits for the same.

Once the income tax department said that they will check again all the things related to black money but then nothing happened as such.

He also raised a question which was ” how much many the government recovered from such people”.

From November 10 to November 12 the money which was deposited in the bank was 110 crore but the tax was paid 80 lakhs.

He also blames the Modi government for behaving in such way he said that ” autocratic in the garb of a democratic one”.

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