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10 crore Covid-19 Tests done so far in India – A Report

As day by day, covid-19 is getting much worse and situations are not at all good we still stand strong together as a country.

Today is the 214th day since the lockdown has been imposed to help recover from this pandemic and the virus.

10 crore covid tests have already been done in India and the number of cases still are increasing which takes a total of 77,61,312 confirmed cases.

The number of states in which cases are increasing day by day are Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka.

Then there are states where the infection is growing so fast they are: Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh.

But the only one thing good about it is more and more number of recovery rate is increasing in India and things are not getting out of hands that much.

Right now the recovery rate of India stands on 89.5 per cent.

It’s high time people take this virus seriously as the government is easing the lockdown people are going out freely with taking the precautions.

Wearing a mask is mandatory and people tend to forget it.

Slowly and gradually everything is getting back to normal like opening of the shops, theatres, malls because people have to start a normal routine and life.

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