Karvy Online Mobile App – Review, Top Features, Setup, Charges and More

What is Karvy Online Mobile App?

Karvy Online is one of the best stock broker apps. This is essential and very significant full-benefit stockbroker who is finally comes up with the new and updated version. The application has inbuilt investigation around market procedures which includes Bullish, Bearish, Neutral etc. as well as, it has market examines which includes circuit stocks, volume stocks and many more.

With this sort of data promptly accessible, it spares a great deal of time of the client that goes into investigating stocks and thinking of exchanging procedures.

Moreover, you can exchange and put resources into Equity, Commodity, Mutual assets and IPO utilizing this versatile application from Karvy Online.  Karvy is known for giving esteemed research, proposals and tips, and the majority of that is given in the versatile application. The application additionally gives a visitor login where you can drift around various highlights gave in the application and get a thought of its execution and ease of use.

Karvy Offers

Features of Karvy Online Mobile App:

When it comes to trading, investors and traders uses this app for various reasons. And, one of the important reasons is the features of this app. So, here have a look at the common features:

  • Post login, this is the manner by which the dashboard of the versatile application resembles. It gives you data on current market developments crosswise over files, top movers and washouts of the day, top common assets and so forth.
  • There are explicit mini-computers, for example, alternatives, length edge, value edge and so forth that you can utilize the relating substances inside this portable exchanging application itself.
  • This is the way the menu of the portable application looks like with alternatives to explore crosswise over possessions, limits, common assets, examine, news and so forth. There is a level menu too that enables you to flip crosswise over Market Info, Analytics, Trade situations, Research.
  • You can utilize any of the pre-manufactured procedures from this versatile application. The element gives you a thought on the stocks on which you can go bullish or bearish. Moreover, there are showcase scanners that give a speedy look at the stocks that are performing admirably as far as volume, by and large turnover and so on. Such a component spares a great deal of examination time of the broker.
  • The Analytics include gives you an immediate thought on which specific stocks are making the greatest moves, what is their present offering cost and return rate ability. Such highlights are run dependent on calculations and don’t have human passionate inclinations, by and large saw in research.
  • Furthermore, you can utilize the best gainers and failures include gave in the Karvy Online portable application. This gives an immediate thought which stocks made the most in that specific exchanging day and which ones lost the most.
  • If you are hoping to get a thought of a specific stock (statement) and its execution at intraday or specialized dimension, you can utilize the Snap Quote highlight. This will give you a thought of the present circumstance and wellbeing of a stock accessible for intraday exchanging.
  • Whatever speculations you have done through the Karvy Online Mobile App can be found in the portfolio include where there is an unmistakable isolation of various venture fragments, for example, Equity, Mutual assets and so on is shown.
  • You can see the range edge gave to you by the merchant crosswise over various sections inside the Karvy Online portable application itself.
  • Since Karvy Online is a full-benefit stockbroker, you are likewise furnished with a specialized and crucial examination in type of tips, suggestions, and reports inside the versatile application.
  • Finally, the application looks sufficient to perform specialized examination utilizing outlining, choice systems and so forth. You can utilize outlines, for example, Line, Bar, Candlesticks and concentrates, for example, CCI, MACD, the Momentum pointer, Moving normal and so forth.
  • You can exchange subsidizes utilizing the Karvy Online portable application crosswise over 30+ noticeable banks.

How to setup Karvy Online account?

To step up an account of Karvy Online, you have to open a Demat account first. So, here follow the steps:

Step 1: To open a Demat account with us online app such as Karvy

Step 2: You need a mobile linked Aadhaar card, active mobile number, pan card, digital signature, canceled personalized cheque and access to the internet.

Step 3: Download Karvy Online App and enter the login id and password. If you do not have an account then, click on the registered or sign up button.

Step 4: After login, you will get the Demat form which you have to fill.

Step 5: You will ask to submit the documents. So, read it carefully and provide the right information.

Step 6: You will need to verify you as a person. Karvy will send you WhatsApp or Skype verification mode.

Step 7: Once the entire process gets done, you will get an account number/ ID.

How own Karvy Online account?

You will not need charges for Karvy but, you need costs for opening a Demat account. Well, the rates are very minimum as Rs. 650/- is the minimum charges applicable to any scheme. Apart from that, other charges include such as Securities Transaction Tax, Clearing Member charges,

Other Charges, Exchange Transaction charges, SEBI Turnover Fees, Handling Charges, Stamp duty, Service Tax, etc. You also need to submit the handling charges such as Rs. 25 as well as, an administrative cost of Rs. 10.

Karvy Brokerage Plan:

  • Equity Delivery= 0.3% or 30 paisa
  • Equity Intraday= 0.03% or 3 paisa
  • Equity Futures= 0.03% or 3 paisa
  • Equity Options= Rs 50 Per Lot
  • Currency Futures= 0.030/0 or 3 paisa
  • Currency Options= Rs 50 Per Lot
  • Commodity= 0.03% or 3 paisa

Disadvantages of Karvy Online App:

  • Concerns saw in product exchanging utilizing this Karvy Online versatile application
  • Charting highlight has restricted utilization with choices to return to most recent 30 minutes as it were. You can’t perform crucial investigation utilizing the outlining usefulness. That is a major concern.
  • Although research and tips are accessible, it is generally hard to utilize these tips and make data out of that in snappy time.
  • Still, the quantity of highlights is constrained. It very well may be normal that when new highlights can get included by the full-benefit stockbroker.

Advantages of Karvy Online App:

  • Allows you to exchange crosswise over various sections including Equity, Mutual assets, IPOs
  • Rich information sustains crosswise over various lists accessible at a snappy speed.
  • Rare Analytics highlight gave to clients that speeds up the basic leadership the procedure of clients.
  • It has reasonable speed and execution.
  • It is sensibly superior to the past portable applications presented by Karvy.


Thus, if you are an investor or trader and want something that can help you with trading, latest features and updates then, undoubtedly Karvy is the best app. This will give you world-class facilities or functions to work with. Well, there are certain disadvantages but, advantages are more so you can go with this for the reasonable speed and performance.


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