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We have provided a detailed Enrich Broking review along with well researched analysis of its Demat Account, Charges and Trading platforms including other details.

Enrich Broker Group has established a strong presence in South India and has acquired a name of trust through Commodity Broking Business since long time.

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Enrich Broking Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Customer Ratings
Experience 8.1/10
Products & Services 8.3/10
Brokerage Charges & Fees 8.2/10
Stock Research & Advisory 7.0/10
Trading Platforms 8.3/10
Overall Ratings 7.5/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

For any business the customer review is everything as the business depends upon customers and their satisfaction.

Enrich BrokingEnrich Broking has maintained a very good reputation in terms of deriving consumer satisfaction which can be seen as per the data.

This conclusion has been made up on the basis of many factors like experience in terms of products and services offered by Enrich which includes stock research and advisory, trading platforms, brokerage charges, fees etc.

Combined together, all the scores or the separate ratings for each factor gives Enrich an overall rating of three star. This above data is curated on the basis of total 785 client reviews.

About Enrich Broking

Company Type Private
Broker Type Full time broker
Headquarters Chennai, India
Founder Mr. Ponmudi R
Established Year 2015

Started in 2003 as a unit by the founder Mr. Ponmudi, Enrich Financial Group had an initial success with its customer centric attitude. The company offers a wide range of products and services dealing in trading industry.

Enrich got incorporated in the year 2013 and is a registered private firm under SEBI with a total 18 years of industry experience since its formation. It became official member of MCX since 2015 and has evolved as a business unit with its head office in Chennai.

The Enrich Group offers a wide range of services which includes Commodity reports, Equity reports, Live tips, Pricing, Trend View etc.

Enrich also comprises of options, mutual funds, insurance, banking services, SIP and futures.

With its customer centric approach, Enrich reached 1,00,000 valuable customers and has already crossed 30,000 valuable customers in MCX & NSE.

It is a technology-oriented firm which offers paperless account opening – EKYC and other platforms which are Web HUNT, Market HUNT, NEST Trading with unique features to enable easy online trading and also launched mobile application – HUNT, which is available for both Android and IOS smartphones.

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    Enrich Broking Brokerage Charges

    Brokerage Charge & Fees Enrich Broking
    Equity Delivery Trading Free
    Equity Intraday Trading Rs.20 per Order
    Commodity Trading Rs.20 per Order
    Equity Futures Trading Rs.20 per Order
    Equity Options Trading Rs.20 per Order
    Currency Futures Trading NA
    Currency Options Trading NA
    Minimum Brokerage Rs.20 per Order
    Demat AMC Charges Rs.500 per annum
    Trading AMC Charges Free
    Margin Money Zero
    Brokerage Calculator  

    Enrich Broking provides its services at affordable charges as we can see.

    The minimum brokerage service starts from Rs 20 per order, whereas the Equity delivery trading is absolutely free. The charges can be further divided into two parts-

    Demat Charges – The minimum transaction charges starts from Rs.500 per annum for Demat account management.

    Every year one has to maintain the minimum annual charges with the company to avail this service.

    Trading charges – The account management charges for trading is absolutely free. You can easily access this service anytime, free of cost.

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    Enrich Broking Charges

    Transaction Charges 0.0026% per crore
    STT 0.005% per crore
    SEBI Turnover Charges Rs.5 per crore
    Stamp Duty 0.002 % per crore
    GST 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

    Apart from the Brokerage charges, there are other charges which are applied for stock market investments including minimum transaction charges and GST.

    These charges are very minimum and thus, they also don’t affect the return on investment while trading.

    Enrich Broking Demat Account Opening Fees

    Depository Source CDSL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.99
    Demat AMC Charges Rs.500 per annum
    Trading AMC Charges Free
    Margin Money Not Required
    Offline to Online No

    The details of our investments are centrally linked to one particular account while trading.

    Such investments are in the form of shares which are intangible assets and aren’t physically available and thus are available in electronic form.

    The account used to keep these electronic shares is known as Demat account.

    The Enrich Broking Demat service comes up with CDSL as the depository source to maintain the ownership of the financial assets.

    You can easily open a demat account with Enrich Broking with minimum amount Rs.99. It is a very minimum fee to open any trading account.

    Furthermore, the charge for the trading account is Rs.99. The process adhering to opening the accounts with Enrich is at its simplest.

    There is a very minimum service charge to maintain the demat account which is Rs.500 per annum as Demat AMC charge.

    There is no account management charge for Trading account. Margin money is also not acquired while trading demat account.

    All this is available in online mode eliminating the paper work to create an ease of access for the traders or clients.

    Enrich Broking Offers

    Free Demat Account Yes
    Free Trading Account Yes
    Discount on Brokerage Yes
    Trading Happy Hours No
    Flexible Brokerage Plans Yes
    1 Month Brokerage Free Yes
    Holiday Offers Yes
    Referral Offers Yes
    Zero Brokerage for Loss Making Trades No

    Enrich Broking also provides its customers many free offers as listed above. You can open your demat account for free along with a free trading account as well.

    The brokerage company also gives discount on brokerage with flexible brokerage plans and one month brokerage for free.

    There are also holiday and referral offers that Enrich gives to the traders. One can easily avail these offers in one click and get a money or cash back.

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    How to open Demat Account with Enrich Broking?

    It is very easy to open a Demat account with Enrich, it is all online or can be done on internet in your desktop. Given are the steps to open a demat account with Enrich-

    • Fill up the given form when you click on “Open Demat Account” button
    • The customer care representative from Enrich Broking will call you on the provided mobile number and guide you to complete the whole process.
    • Be ready with all your necessary documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN card etc. including soft copies to process further with the application. Great, if your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar Card.
    • Instantly, your demat account process will complete through eKYC. And it will be active within 24 hours.

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      Why Open Enrich Broking Trading Account?

      There are many advantages that come up with Enrich Broking. Enrich Broking provides its clients/ customers a lot of benefits which we will describe below-

      Simple and user friendly -All the securities can be easily managed through one single account.

      Thus, the bonus of the investors or the securities will be reflecting at one place, no need to open any new site and get into time exhaustion.

      Electronic medium to moderate risks – Electronic or digital platform eliminates the risk of misplacing of certificates, theft or fire like physical certificates.

      Thus, intangibility eradicates all the possibilities or loss or damage of assets.

      Various modes of access – There are various modes of access that Enrich Broking provides to its customers, therefore it is easy for the clients to participate from anywhere.

      No paper work – Again, as everything is online, there is no need of doing any kind of paper works and therefore there is no fear of damaging the documents or assets.

      Everything is integrated at one place and can be easily accessed.

      Zero transaction restrictions – With Enrich Demat Account anyone can buy or sell even a single share.

      Hence, with no specific minimum value unlimited trading can be performed by a single trader.

      Enrich Broking Products & Services

      Well, Enrich Broking has number of products to offer its clients which are enlisted in the table.

      Enrich Broking Products:

      Equity Trading Yes
      Commodity Trading Yes
      Currency Trading No
      Options Yes
      Futures Yes
      Mutual Funds Yes
      Forex No
      Banking No
      SIP Yes
      Insurance Yes

      A wide range of products are offered by Enrich Broking along with its core business, which can be divided into different segments which are – trading, investment and insurance.

      The company deals with Equity Trading and Commodity Trading along with providing guidance or trading solutions to its customers or traders.

      Enrich Broking also gives its customers the opportunity to deal with securities which includes Options and the company also deals with Futures.

      The company provides investment solutions to its clients that include Mutual Funds and SIP- Systematic Investment Plan.

      The traders get opportunity of online trading and also get quality research reports and guidance with Enrich Broking Knowledge centre.

      Apart from that, the broking company also deals with Insurance.

      Enrich Broking Services

      Demat Services Yes
      Trading Services Yes
      3 in 1 Acount No
      Intraday Services Yes
      IPO Services Yes
      Stock Recommendations Yes
      Robo Advisory Yes
      PMS Yes
      Trading Institution Yes
      Trading Exposure Upto 10x

      Enrich Broking provides a wide range of services to its customers.

      The company gives Stock Recommendations which will assist the traders to make well informed decisions and be on the top of the market.

      Along with providing its main service, the Demat account service, the company also provides Trading services.

      To help the clients with their investment decisions, Enrich Broking also provides Portfolio management services (PMS) to its clients.

      Being a technology-oriented company, it also provides Robo advisory to assist the traders in making business decisions.

      There is 24*7 customer assistance provided by the broking company to resolve the issues of the clients.

      Also, the customers get the chance to receive Intraday Trading services along with suggestions which will help them to buy and sell stocks on the same day.

      With Enrich Broking, traders can get exposure up to 10 times, also, the company offers trading institutions so that the customer can have ability to take informed decisions.

      No paper work, also eliminates the risk of paper loss and helps in making efficient process so that it becomes even easier to increase the liquidity.

      Along with this, the brokerage firm also offers IPO (Initial Public Offering) services.

      There is also flexibility in making the payments which will be suitable for all investors or traders inclined with Enrich Broking.

      Enrich Broking Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

      The broking house provides all types of – Fundamental Reports, Research Reports, Daily Market Reports along with offline Advisory and Relationship Manager to its clients.

      Fundamental Reports Yes
      Research Reports Yes
      Company Reports No
      Annual Reports No
      Company Stock Review No
      Free Stock Tips No
      IPO Reports No
      Top Picks No
      Daily Market Review Yes
      Monthly Reports No
      Weekly Reports No
      Offline Advisory Yes
      Relationship Manager Yes

      To add on, Enrich has introduced reports in Tamil language for the first time in India. Reports related to various commodities are updated proactively before the market opening hours.

      The website also publishes Nifty / Bank Nifty intraday directions and upcoming movement of market every day.

      The research reports are updated in social websites like Investment Guru also.

      Enrich Broking Exposure or Leverage

      The company provides upto 10x leverage to their clients which vary for different parameters.

      Investors can get a leverage of upto 4x dealing with securities like options along with futures and commodities.

      Enrich Broking gives upto 3x exposure for equity delivery and for intraday, the company provides a leverage upto 10x.

      While trading in Futures and Options, one of the most critical part is to understand margins.

      Equity Delivery 3x
      Equity Intraday 10x
      Equity Futures 4x
      Equity Options 4x
      Currency Futures NA
      Currency Options NA
      Commodities 4x
      Margin Calculator  

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      Enrich Broking Trading Platforms

      Desktop Platform – Windows Yes
      Desktop Platform – Mac No
      Desktop Browser Platform Yes
      Mobile Site Platform Yes
      Android App Platform Yes
      iOS App Platform Yes
      Windows App Platform No
      Other Mobile OS Platform No
      Real time Updates Yes
      Portfolio Details No
      Online MF Buy Yes
      News Flash Yes
      Research Reports Yes
      Easy Installation Yes
      Global Indices Yes
      Stock Tips No
      Personalized Advisory Yes
      Interactive Charts Yes
      Live Markets Yes
      SMS Alerts Yes
      Email Alerts Yes
      Multi Account Management No

      Enrich Broking HUNT Mobile APP

      If you are a techie and want everything on tips of your hands then trading with Enrich will make it easier for you with its Mobile HUNT.

      Mobile HUNT is available for both Android and IOS users. You can easily access HUNT from your smartphone, whichever you are using and experience a high degree of performance.

      This application is especially made for mobile trading to suit the needs of the traders with the following cool features-

      Lower internet speed connectivity-

      HUNT app is internet friendly application which doesn’t consumes a lot of GBs to work alike most of the heavy applications requiring heavy internet data.

      It also comes up with HTML5 based concept which automatically adjusts itself to different screen sizes.

      Market Analytics

      Being a market analytics application, integrates all the information at one place in an effective manner understanding the traders’ needs, helping them to not only track market movements, analyse market information but also helps to find stock specific activities.

      Timely Information

      HUNT application is built in such a way that being a trader one doesn’t have to rely upon searches on different sites. HUNT provides the right information at the right time without making trading easier.

      Live Market Watch

      The one of the unique features of Enrich Mobile HUNT is, users can watch the market trends and easily access the information as this application provides Real-time information, data visualization tools and advanced charting application to keep an eye on the opportunities and stay tuned with market movements.

      Enrich Broking Web Hunt Platform

      Enrich Web Hunt is another online trading platform provided by the company. It helps the traders to trade from anywhere across the globe on any browser.

      It is a hassle free Web Trading Platform enabled by EKYC and gives the users comprehensive market data and allows setting Alerts and receiving push notifications from any browser.

      This Platform gives timely information along with technical events in market.

      Enrich Broking Trading Terminal

      Enrich Market Hunt Terminal

      It is one of the most comprehensive and coolest platforms for the traders where the traders can view multiple products in a single screen with simplified market watch.

      This advanced features gives a unique real time trading experience where the client is able to watch the market trends and easily access the scenario.

      This platform gives a lot of benefits to the clients which are – Super Charting Tool, Information about Net position etc.

      Trader can also buy and sell orders which can be effectively placed with the help of F1 & F2 keys respectively.

      The other features of this platforms are-

      • Portfolio Hunter
      • Magnified EOD Reports
      • Specific FnO analysis
      • Intelligent Inbuilt Scanners
      • Customized Indicator
      • Historical Data
      • Multiple Indicators

      Enrich Broking NEST Trading Terminal

      NEST is a platform for Desktop trading requirements where the traders get-

      Custom Built Optimisation – It gives the individuals to customize the components as per her/his requirements.

      The user can alter the layouts, fonts, colors, and Keyboard short cuts. It is user friendly and hence, easily customizable.

      Superior Charting – This feature enables the user to mark trends and carry out technical examination along with wide range of indicators.

      Sophisticated Order Types– Users can place Cover orders and Bracket orders easily and effortlessly with NEST.

      User Friendly– NEST is very user friendly with customizable shortcuts to enable users in trading accurately with speed.

      Enrich Broking Customer Support

      Dedicated Dealer Yes
      Offline Trading Yes
      Online Trading Yes
      24*7 Support Yes
      Email Support Yes
      Chat Support Yes
      Toll Free Number No
      Branches 15

      Enrich Broking is available to provide 24*7 customer support to its clients to provide them with a long-lasting user-friendly experience operating at 15 branches providing-

      • Dedicated Dealer
      • Offline and Online Trading availability
      • Email Support
      • Chat Support

      Enrich Broking Complaints & Feedback

      Lodged in BSE 35
      Resolvd in BSE 31
      Lodged in NSE 52
      Resolved in NSE 45

      Enrich Broking grievance team sounds to be very proactive in terms of its work which is why we can see that there are less number of complaints lodged at both BSE and NSE and also more number of complaints resolved in the current year.

      Enrich Broking Advantages & Disadvantages


      There are a lot of advantages that a user gets with Enrich Broking which are listed below-

      • Simplified Support to help the clients for a hassle free experience
      • 24*7 Customer assistance to help the customers
      • Money back plan to earn extra money
      • Online and easy transactions to ensure money security
      • Fund Deposits to offer guaranteed returns
      • Knowledge Centre for trading guidance
      • State of the art technology
      • Trading Strategy Tool to make informed decisions
      • Unlimited Trading with single share
      • No paper work and therefore no fear of loss or damage of documents


      • Exposure limit is quite low

      Enrich Broking – Conclusion

      Enrich broking is one of the largest Broking houses in India which provides cheap brokerage rates along with number of advantages.

      With its technical assistance and state of the art technology, it has made online trading very easy.

      Opening a demat account is very easy and one gets a lot of money back offers with Enrich along with ease of access.

      Also, with new changes in their trading process with the help of integrated and innovative use of technology, it is also enabling its clients to trade offline & online and make strategic tie-ups with technology partners to facilitate smooth trading.

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